Saturday, July 10, 2010

VSR34: Short Notice

After rustling these guys up on Twitter at short notice, Rob Newberry, David Wees, Linda Pilkington, Britt Gow and Suzie Vesper join us to talk about copyright, iPads and iPods, and pretty much anything else on their minds!

Suzie Vesper - @suzievesper
Britt Gow - @brittgow
Linda Pilkington - @linda_pilko
Rob Newberry - @robinthailand
David Wees - @davidwees

Copyright Links

Suzie's Wikis


  1. Hi Chris,
    Love the site. Would love to download some of these as mp3s. Am I able to do this?
    Regards, Mark

  2. G'day Mark,
    Thanks for the note. The site here has just been totally rebuilt after a major SQL server screwup at my hosting service, so I'm still piecing things back together. On the whole, I think this new website is more useful than the old one and it offers a better user experience (or at least a more functional one). I thought I enabled the ability to download the episodes as MP3s but after looking, it appears I hadn't.

    I had a quick poke about in the PowerPress settings and have enabled that ability now. At the end of each episode you will now see a link to download them as MP3s.

    Thanks for prodding me to get that fixed!


  3. Thanks heaps Chris. This site is a fantastic resource for those of us in the ICT in education game. Credit to you for bringing together such knowledgeable people to discuss these fascinating topics. I just love listening to them at my leisure on my mp3 player.
    Cheers, Mark