Friday, October 31, 2008

VSR26: Cold Snap

In a bit of a departure from the usual format for the show, in this episode we play a recording of a Skype call between our three Year 5 classrooms at PLC Sydney and Anthony Powell, a communications technician at McMurdo base in Antarctica.

The Year 5 students were doing an integrated unit of work on Antarctica and we managed to arrange this call for the kids to have a chat to Anthony about life in Antarctica and to ask him a few questions.  The three classrooms were connected to the call individually in a group conference call.

It’s a nice example of how Skype can be used to break through the walls of a traditional classroom and bring kids into contact with real people in faraway places.  The next step will be that the students take this raw recording and chop it up to use in their own podcasts about Antarctica.

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