Sunday, November 25, 2007

VSR20: The Kiwi Connection

Jane Nicholls, Chrissy Hellier, Allanah King and Simon Evans are leading educators from New Zealand who live and breathe collaborative technologies. In this episode they chat about topics as diverse as podcasting, Skype, Twitter and Second Life.

Simon had a bit of trouble with Skype and only managed to make a couple of cameo appearances, but the rest of us had a great chat as we flitted from topic to topic. Although these Kiwis know how to have a laugh, there is still plenty of educational wisdom in this podcast.
  • Appleby Podcasts - Allanah’s class podcasting
  • Skype - For internet telephony, if you can make it work
  • Twitter - For building community, once you finally “get it”
  • Second Life - A place to do the caramel dance and land naked in fires
Also, you might like to check out the blogs of AllanahChrissyJane and Simon.

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