Wednesday, August 01, 2007

VSR13: Happy Birthday Edublogs!

Edublogs is a well-respected free educational blogging service started two years ago by James Farmer. In this episode we talk to James about the Edublogs service, where it grew from and where it's going, and some great ideas for classroom blogging.

Since it started, the service has grown in leaps and bounds, and now hosts nearly 100,000 individual blogs for teachers and students. It’s been an amazingly valuable and versatile service for the educational blogging community, and Edublogs offers one of the most cutting edge free blogging services on the Web.

I’d been trying to arrange this interview with James for a while, and coincidentally we just happened to record this on Edublogs’ second birthday. Happy Birthday Edublogs and thanks for sharing the love James!

Links from this show…
  • Edublogs - The main Edublogs site
  • WPMUDEV - Another of James’ WP projects
  • Wordpress - The official Wordpress website
  • IncSub - James’ personal blog
As always, we welcome your comments. Heck, you ought to at least wish Edublogs a happy birthday!

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