Monday, February 19, 2007

VSR09: Changing Focus

Our guests in this episode are Bruce Fuda and Mark Harriott from Stromlo High School in the ACT.  Their school is developing their own curriculum, has recently restructured itself as a Year 6-10 school, and has also been targeted as an IT-focused school.

Unlike other jurisidictions in Australia, the ACT School system does not have a traditional syllabus structure - instead, it requires schools to develop their own curriculum based on a framework derived from the national curriculum statements and profiles. In 2006/07, that framework has been reviewed and schools now face the challenge of implementing the new framework over the next 12 months.

As well as redeveloping its curriculum, Stromlo High has recently restructured itself to be a Year 6 - 10 school. And because the school already has a strong use of technology it has also been targeted as an IT-focused school where the use of ICT in learning and teaching is just a normal part of the way the school works.

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If you have any thoughts or suggestions to offer Bruce and Mark, please drop a line in the comments section below, or email Bruce directly. I’m sure he would love to hear your thoughts about the school and its future.

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