Monday, October 23, 2006

VSR03: It Takes Leadership

Interactive Whiteboards are becoming a central component of a 21st Century classroom.   Join John Pearce, Margo Metcalf and Mal Lee as they talk about the best ways to implement an IWB program.

In this episode we talk about the best strategies and ideas for introducing interactive whiteboards into your school. We chat with John Pearce from Geelong, Mal Lee from Canberra and Margo Metcalf from Sydney. John is a grade 3/4 teacher who uses IWBs in his classroom, and Mal and Margo are from IWBnet and they help teachers get started with IWBs. Together, they explore some fabulous ideas and tips for implementing IWBs successfully.

Links from this weeks episode:
  1. Mr P’s Interactive Whiteboard Blog
  2. IWB Net
  3. PDtogo SMARTBoard Podcast
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